List of Authors

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Henry's Lay                  
The Cider Apple                  
Decimated Coinage                  
Helical Misconduct                  
When I consider how my life is spent                  
Perhaps the Laundress Laments                  
The Nose Library                  
To Ruth                  
Beer-Soaked Agenda                  
The Decimal Hen                  
Why Isn't It Sunday?                  
The Key to Seduction                  
Für Elise                  
Have One Anyway                  
Today: A Memory                  
The Prune Detector                  
The Open Frame                  
The Elitist                  
The Explanation                  
Poems contributed to 15 16 11 4 2 1 3 1 1

KEY: Since most of the Schengasm authors now occupy prominent positions in public life,
we have chosen to conceal their true identities, lest their reputations suffer.