The Spoonbill Generator

Recipe For A Very Quiet Airplane

Add a fraction from the jar       [Apsley]

Where Wilbur keeps his fat cigar       [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

And Orville sobs alone       [loaf]

Write "Picasssso" on my wrist       [p]

And cancel any silent tryst       [olaf]

With cerulean tone       [Chevalier]

Those clouds from Dada are closing in       [Gene van Troyer]

Good tidings brought to your next of kin       [Rfwoolf]

Are broken in the bone       [olaf]

Ramp up Ludwig's hearing aid       [Chevalier]

Sit him on the promenade       [Rfwoolf]

Chalk a safety zone       [asdf]

For Chuck to dance and burn his riffs       [Gene van Troyer]

Requires the aid of sundry spliffs       [Chevalier]

Hors d'œuvres and a megaphone       [Rfwoolf]

Consider the considerable       [Rfwoolf]

Cost of keeping miserable       [Chevalier]

Or never peer again with wretched eye       [Ket]

Pontificate the probable       [Rfwoolf]

To ward against the horrible       [Chevalier]

Lines of Raphael       [Rfwoolf]

Add a dash of mellow blue       [Chevalier]

Castrating any kangaroo       [olaf]

Would be Lindsay's view       [Rfwoolf]

And Caroline's, as well       [Chevalier]

Contributors: Apsley, Kevin Andrew Murphy, loaf, olaf, Chevalier, Gene van Troyer, Rfwoolf, asdf, Bruno Carvalho, Ket, Anon..
Poem finished: 15th January 2007 by Anon..