The Spoonbill Generator

The Spoonbill Generator was designed to allow the creation of collaborative works of verse.

The first poem written on the Spoonbill Generator was completed in June 1996 and subsequently over 3000 poems were created, ranging from minor masterpieces to complete rubbish.

It was closed to new submissions in 2007 on representations from a host of English-language poets that it was undermining their craft and devaluing the calling of poet. The fact that fatal technical issues were discovered around the same time is entirely coincidental.

The Golden Treasury has all the poems written on the Spoonbill Generator, and its main page lists 50 or so of the best works. Those of refined literary sensibilities should probably think twice before exploring the full range of Spoonbill creations.

There are some links to non-electronic precursors of the Spoonbill Generator in the left-hand frame.

Currently, the Spoonbill Generator is undergoing essential maintenance. It is hoped to have it fully operational again before too long.

Peter Christian, Spoonmaster