The Spoonbill Generator

Goodfellow Moses

A secret door       [Roland]

A hidden shore       [dkb]

Horizons in the dark       [Roland]

An ancient hoard       [Kansas Sam]

An evil Lord       [loaf]

Pyjamas in the Park       [Apsley]

A sudden push       [loaf]

A punctured tush       [Kansas Sam]

The moment's close at hand       [dkb]

The crimson key       [Scally]

The iced chablis       [Kansas Sam]

The secret silver band       [Scally]

A scuffle then       [Kansas Sam]

Of Mice and Men       [Scally]

Who sing beneath the moon       [dkb]

Their repertoire       [Scally]

Known near and far       [Apsley]

Both in and out of tune       [loaf]

Motto:       [Apsley]

When anagrans are overlooked       [loaf]

All the books will soon be cooked       [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, dkb, Kansas Sam, loaf, Apsley, Scally.
Poem finished: 13th November 2005 by loaf.