The Spoonbill Generator

Our Technocrats Under Duress

Strontium nitrate       [Apsley]

A spoon at a time       [Roland]

Will make a flare gun out of your arse       [Copperjock]

And Modern Times shall behold me       [Roland]

Naked in Gaza       [Apsley]

Strontium chloride       [Copperjock]

Bored out of mind       [Apsley]

Bored out of mind       [Apsley]

Would make a mighty fine specimen       [Copperjock]

Or so the Modonists predict       [Chevalier]

In their ardour       [Apsley]

In hotels like The Plaza       [Roland]

Strontium borate       [Apsley]

Curse of the skies       [The Empty Vest]

Makes a solar flare seem like a squib       [Apsley]

Or so the Pope advised me       [The Empty Vest]

And he should know, being glib       [Dassn\'t Sat]

ha bruciato la sua propria casa       [Orlando]

Strontium-90       [Copperjock]

Baked in a pie       [Chevalier]

Makes a mock of the Blameless Three       [Roland]

Strontium hydride       [Chevalier]

Primed to explode       [Roland]

Makes for a good headline       [Chevalier]

Or so the seer foretold:       [Copperjock]

On growing old       [Roland]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Copperjock, Anon., Chevalier, The Empty Vest, Dassn't Sat, Orlando.
Poem finished: 29th July 2005 by Chevalier.