The Spoonbill Generator

High Teeth

Juicy plums for me to bite!       [Apsley]

In the darkness of the night       [(trad)]

Spiders eye me for their prey       [Apsley]

Shall I view another day?       [Copperjock]

Do I write to your dismay?       [Apsley]

Bloody brisket on the shelf!       [Chevalier]

Fit for neither oaf nor elf       [Roland]

But highly prized by those whose taste       [Chevalier]

Is for a kind of raunchy paste!       [Apsley]

Do I sense indecent haste?       [dkb]

Brick dust in the nostrils dim       [Roland]

Makes my mind and senses swim       [dkb]

Whereas, in the nether ear       [Roland]

Nether noise is what you hear       [Dassn't Say]

Even with the latest gear       [Roland]

Fizzy soda down the throat!       [Copperjock]

Galling draft for girl or goat       [loaf]

But highly prized by those who think       [Chevalier]

That sulphur, arsenic and zinc       [Roland]

Make the bulging bowel shrink.       [dkb]

Contributors: Apsley, (trad), Copperjock, Chevalier, Roland, dkb, Dassn't Say, loaf.
Poem finished: 19th July 2005 by Roland.