The Spoonbill Generator

While Letting Agencies Do Their Damnedest

We pick on them because we know       [Roland]

A straight line from a curve       [Peter Gabriel (Apsle]

A tangent from an asymptote       [Roland]

A shuffle from a swerve       [Beefy]

We needle them, we pin them down       [Roland]

And pick thier brainy brains       [Yonghy]

We know that no-one will find out       [Beefy]

Unless they're riding trains       [Yaya]

We tell them not to tell a soul       [Beefy]

That 'ka' is surely bunk       [Helen Owly]

And, forced to eat a long-dead mole       [(trad)]

We tease with quiche of skunk       [Helen Owly]

They give us grief because they sense       [will h]

We fathomed their disguise       [Roland]

Yet rudeness is low recompense       [Helen Owly]

For sucking out both eyes       [Apsley]

They give us hate because they know       [Yaya]

How low our culture ranks       [Roland]

And, though we have the right to vote,       [Beefy]

They call us vulgar skanks       [Dassn\'t Say]

They tell us not to breathe a word       [Beefy]

Lest our fates be sealed       [will h]

They rub our noses in a turd       [Beefy]

The weight of shame concealed       [Copperjock]

They laugh at us until they cry       [Yaya]

Aloud for what we bring       [Beefy]

Is not for spite, but to imply       [Copperjock]

That Might is always king       [Beefy]

This thing is not a thing       [Yonghy]

They stamp and shout because they know       [Yonghy]

How very dim we shine       [Roland]

And they will have their own scape-goat       [Apsley]

Ere they shall sample mine       [Roland]

They'll never know the inner peace       [Beefy]

That crowns a life of woe       [Roland]

Unless we send for the police       [Beefy]

Or plot their overthrow       [Roland]

We never meant you any harm       [Copperjock]

So why are you so cruel?       [Beefy]

We could be walking arm-in-arm       [Roland]

Or supping down warm gruel,       [Apsley]

Or cozening some witless waif       [Roland]

To give us all his gold       [Beefy]

We want the same - - just to feel safe       [Copperjock]

And shelter from the cold       [Beefy]

We never knew their dialect       [dok]

That sent them from Above       [Apsley]

And, long before their line was wrecked       [Roland]

Quite, feared their hard hard Love       [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, Peter Gabriel (Apsle, Beefy, Yonghy, Yaya, Helen Owly, (trad), will h, Apsley, Dassn't Say, Copperjock, dok.
Poem finished: 25th April 2005 by Beefy.