The Spoonbill Generator

Vestments In Velvet Of Midnight

Only a quarter       [Surlaw]

Of seven three-eighths       [Apsley]

Remained in the water;       [Surlaw]

Despite of my summons       [Apsley]

To harbour with wraiths       [Surlaw]

The captian still numbens       [Apsley]

The pelt of the porter       [Surlaw]

So many fractions       [Apsley]

So very few wholes       [Surlaw]

To pander to factions       [Apsley]

For all my assertions       [Surlaw]

For all my wormholes       [Apsley]

And gimlet exertions       [Surlaw]

To soften the porter       [Apsley]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 21st April 2005 by Surlaw.