The Spoonbill Generator

The Alphabet Artfully Reconstructed From Bedsprings

Awake! Before the porridge starts to burn!       [dkb]

Arise! Before the worm begins to turn!       [F]

Beware! The enemy is close at hand!       [Beefy]

Be brave! The time has come to make a stand!       [dkb]

Come here! I need to have you by my side!       [Beefy]

Climb on! I want to take you for a ride!       [F]

Desist! I've had enough of grief and tears!       [Beefy]

Debunk! Beers can rhyme, they say, with biers!       [F]

Egad! I never saw so rare a sight!       [Beefy]

Evince! I never judge a dentist by his bite!       [Helen Owly]

Forsooth! An E.T. asked me out to lunch!       [F]

Forfend! Or I will deal a mighty punch!       [Beefy]

Gadzooks! You can't wear that in public, dear!       [F]

Good God! We'll never be allowed back here!       [Beefy]

Heehaw! You look so funny in the nude!       [F]

Ho-hum! We both have outies: Toots, we're screwed!       [Kansas Sam]

Ivy! My wife is such a clinging vine!       [F]

I know! You'll have to ease her loose with wine!       [Beefy]

Jeepers! Poor in Kleenex, rich in snot!       [Helen Owly]

Jello! It's thicker than your novel's plot!       [F]

Keep out! We don't like strangers around bere!       [Beefy]

Keep still! There's something evil near.       [Will H]

Litchee! Darling, you're one exotic nut!       [F]

Kumquat! Come here, you skanky slut!       [Dassn't Say]

Motown! Dassn't broke the pattern!       [F]

Moxie! Glad we are it's back a'chatter'n'!       [Helen Owly]

Now then! Let's not get too bent out of shape!       [Beefy]

Neato! I've swaddled you in masking tape!       [F]

Oh dear! I've lost my mother's wedding ring!       [Beefy]

Oh no! I also broke her vase ('twas Ming)       [F]

Peabrain! You never ask me how I feel!       [Beefy]

Pardon? I've asked enough to ape your squeal!       [Helen Owly]

Quite so! I've said enough to prove my case!       [Beefy]

Queue up! This spectacle is a disgrace!       [F]

Rescind! For there's no need to break my heart!       [sarajo]

Revive! I'm knocked unconscious by your fart!       [F]

Shut up! I know exactly what you think!       [Beefy]

Speak out! For truth is found in drink!       [P]

Tic-tacs! Sometimes I shove them up my nose!       [F]

T-Rex! Was killed by a comet, don't ya know!       [sarajo]

Up yours! Just leave my Antichrist alone!       [P]

Urdu! That's what I speak when on the phone!       [F]

Violins! I seem to hear them closing in!       [dkb]

Volte face! I'll drown the buggers with gin!       [Beefy]

Woo hoo! There's still one doughnut left!       [Karin]

Whoa! You're sporting quite some heft!       [Helen Owly]

Xmas! Soon it will be here again!       [P]

Xbox! It's what I bought my lover, Ben!       [F]

Yahoo! It's almost time to go to bed!       [dkb]

Yeeee-Haaaa! I think that's what the cowboy said.       [P]

Zowee! Dearth of drivel I portend!       [Kansas Sam]

Zip up! Seems that we have reached the end!       [F]

Contributors: dkb, F, Beefy, Helen Owly, Kansas Sam, Will H, Dassn't Say, sarajo, P, Karin.
Poem finished: 22nd February 2005 by Karin.