The Spoonbill Generator

Stewed Sea-weed, Nothing More

Pip, as a boy, the marshes trod       [Apsley]

While Magwitch combed the deep       [Surlaw]

And in this fashion, sod by sod,       [Apsley]

Both made a place to sleep       [Surlaw]

Where willows dip       [Apsley]

Under the gallows, in the dusk       [Surlaw]

That cobwebs made their own,       [Apsley]

Estella gnawed a giant rusk       [Surlaw]

Upon a dusty throne       [Apsley]

A prison ship       [Surlaw]

Wemmick's castle, fit to please,       [Apsley]

Entombed the Aged P       [Surlaw]

And caused him pain in both his knees:       [Apsley]

Until his final spree       [Surlaw]

Where willows dip       [Apsley]

Where Startop, in a sunken skiff       [Surlaw]

Wrought from a fallen lime,       [Apsley]

Descries Estella in a tiff       [Surlaw]

About the proper time       [Apsley]

Descries Estella in a tiff       [Surlaw]

For trembling lip       [Surlaw]

Estella cried, quick as life,       [Apsley]

While Jaggers, at her throat,       [Surlaw]

Sought to imitate his wife       [Apsley]

Who forged his credit-note       [Surlaw]

Where willows dip       [Apsley]

While Dickens, in his reckless fit       [Surlaw]

At losing half the plot,       [Apsley]

Lay poleaxed in a reeking pit       [Surlaw]

And thought upon his yacht       [Apsley]

A prison ship       [Surlaw]

Pip, out of sorts, unleashed a blade:       [Apsley]

Ms Havisham drew nigh       [Surlaw]

And gently stroked him near his eye       [Apsley]

Unlike a real Old Maid       [Surlaw]

Where willows dip       [Apsley]

Orlick; when, or how, or who       [Surlaw]

Our author seem'd unclear,       [Apsley]

Yet at the limekiln, one or two       [Surlaw]

Broke forth, and gave a cheer       [Apsley]

Where willows dip       [Surlaw]

Skiffins, stiff, with Pocket met       [Apsley]

Shall dusk be known abaft a haggard Sol       [Kansas Sam]

slough away this languid mind you nurture       [Jeremiah]

And forever grow in daily ruminations 'pon the failure of your life       [Jeremiah]

Avast       [pog]

And brook no more reversals underhand       [Roland]

Nor fool the nincompoop with shows of trust       [P]

That better suit the bantam than the bride       [Roland]

Cool, clear as ice, dwells shame at rainbow's rim       [Beefy]

Nor shall it thaw, whenas the baleful glare       [Roland]

In dread awe tolls the future and must ride       [Beefy]

Beyond old Saturn's arrogant demesnes       [Roland]

To where a deadly dusk lies -- entropy       [Beefy]

To quav'ring hearts the sullen remedy       [Roland]

Will at the end all living things embrace       [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Kansas Sam, svidrigailov, Jeremiah, pog, Roland, P, Beefy.
Poem finished: 16th June 2004 by P.