The Spoonbill Generator

Pythagoras or Pinter

Tangents beckon from afar - with mystic hints of tangerine:       [Apsley ]

Speak that sentence backwards and you'll (maybe) find out what I mean       [olaf ]

It worked for John and Ringo once, but Paul and George it failed,       [Apsley ]

On a dross crystal was Christopher Cross and Jesus Christ both nailed       [everywordmeans ]

Or so the sainted termites claimed in transcendental utterance       [Apsley ]

But we who clear the mess are just reduced to sullen mutterance       [Chevalier ]

Our designs have been o'erlooked - with malice spawned by jealousy -       [Apsley ]

Andy Kaufmans hair in Taxi, looked to me quite lousy.       [Nigel Sly ]

As did Babbage's brain, encased in glittering cut-glass       [Angela ]

At the very central point of the Brooklyn by-pass,       [Apsley ]

Or so I thought until I met the Lord of Misalliances       [Chevalier ]

And he showed me his book of sullen facts and bleak defiances       [Apsley ]

Heading down the backward path - with hope of solidarity,       [Chevalier ]

Spawned by interest in all faiths, without intense polarity -       [Apsley ]

The wisest course must surely be to keep an open jar       [Chevalier ]

In which such opportunities will be from near and far       [Apsley ]

Or so the Keepers of The Key would have us pledge obeisance       [Chevalier ]

For this will usher in, they say, the Occident's Renaissance       [P ]

Eyes uplifted from the fall - with inspiration gleened -       [Ixchel ]

Keeps every workplace free from grime, yet inexpertly cleaned       [Apsley ]

The moral of the story is, if you're out on a beach       [(trad) ]

Where excavators evidence their patent lack for bleach,       [Apsley ]

Or so disoriented that you know not your location       [Chevalier ]

You'd better give yourself right up at your police-type station       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, everywordmeans, Chevalier, Nigel Sly, Angela, Ixchel.
Poem finished: 13th April 2007 by (Ixchel).