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Our Blessed Foolery Again

Neo® caught me unawares       [Apsley ]

When she was half asleep       [olaf ]

And I was talking to a goat       [Apsley ]

And half-a-dozen mares       [olaf ]

And twenty sheep       [Apsley ]

That scarcely stayed afloat       [olaf ]

What was said I can't recall       [Apsley ]

With any certainty       [olaf ]

Or what she was doing there       [Apsley ]

So near the ruined Mall       [olaf ]

And curtained tree       [Apsley ]

The rotting badger's lair.       [olaf ]

We went our ways without regret       [Chevalier ]

Until, without a map       [olaf ]

Or hope of one, we found ourselves       [Apsley ]

Entangled in a net       [Chevalier ]

A faerie trap       [olaf ]

Comprised of eights and twelves       [Chevalier ]

Neo® pulled a forty-five       [Apsley ]

And then an old LP       [olaf ]

To summon on the astral phone       [Apsley ]

A third of thirty-three       [olaf ]

And stay alive       [Apsley ]

No gramophone       [olaf ]

Morpheus® was not at home       [Apsley ]

In any space or time       [olaf ]

Before the fall of Kubla Khan       [Chevalier ]

After the birth of Rome       [olaf ]

And yet opined       [Apsley ]

That life is like a tarn       [Chevalier ]

The net had tightened on our limbs       [Apsley ]

But left our organs slack       [olaf ]

So Neo® whipped them deftly out       [Apsley ]

(He used the knife that skims)       [olaf ]

And sent them back       [Apsley ]

To stem the crimson gout       [Chevalier ]

Trinity® was not best pleased:       [Apsley ]

She seldom deigned to smile       [olaf ]

Upon bold Neo®'s worthy schemes       [Apsley ]

Nor Morpheus® diseased       [olaf ]

Upon his beams'       [Apsley ]

Who walk the final mile       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 11th April 2007 by (Chevalier).