The Spoonbill Generator

Unless Cruel Servitude Beckons

This lizard, crabbed and taut,       [Apsley ]

Obstructs the Higher Court       [olaf ]

As - some would say - it ought       [Apsley ]

This crab, so debonair       [olaf ]

That it would seem unfair       [Apsley ]

To chide it, has no hair       [Chevalier ]

This tortoise: let him yell       [olaf ]

For Nagg - or even Nell -       [Apsley ]

We shall not break his spell       [olaf ]

Arthropods unite!       [Apsley ]

Salute the Happy Morn!       [olaf ]

Unchain, scaly souls,       [Apsley ]

Those as yet unborn!       [olaf ]

Cacrophones divide!       [Apsley ]

Cnut, the Lappish spawn       [olaf ]

Whom all men deride,       [Apsley ]

Saves those unborn!       [olaf ]

Cepahlopods have striven for the dawn       [Apsley ]

Indiff'rent to their wise Creator's scorn       [olaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 26th March 2007 by Chevalier.