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The Nephews of Leonard

I'd heard of Silas Marner       [olaf ]

When I was but a lad       [Apsley ]

He ruined our gymkhana       [olaf ]

And made the færies sad       [Apsley ]

So when at last I slew him       [olaf ]

With a sword of sharp steel       [Apsley ]

The folk who claimed they knew him       [olaf ]

Knew not then what to feel       [Apsley ]

And so, each winter twilight       [olaf ]

As the steel grew more grim,       [Apsley ]

We spotted, through the skylight,       [olaf ]

The randy Brothers Timm:       [Apsley ]

And when at last they slew me       [olaf ]

And sliced me to the bone,       [Apsley ]

The attic seemed less roomy       [olaf ]

But I was all alone       [Apsley ]

Contributors: olaf, Apsley.
Poem finished: 26th February 2007 by olaf.