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Howsomever, Queyntely

When I fell in love with you       [Apsley ]

My knife was kept at bay       [olaf ]

And drew another's blood       [Apsley ]

Never let the people say       [olaf ]

I wallow in the mud -       [Apsley ]

Or strive to jump the queue       [olaf ]

When I read The Tale of Ludd       [Apsley ]

Without a tourniquet       [olaf ]

It merely made me mew       [Apsley ]

Never let the prelates wheeze       [olaf ]

Or stutter in the pews       [Apsley ]

While acolytes display       [olaf ]

Some etchings from their mews       [Apsley ]

That scarcely could betray       [olaf ]

The firstlings of a sneeze       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf.
Poem finished: 14th February 2007 by olaf.