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Who Shall Own Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot® sings divinely       [Apsley ]

Underneath my bed       [olaf ]

And, though some might deem it finely,       [Apsley ]

I keep seeing red       [olaf ]

Her youthful pallor is becoming       [Apsley ]

Noxious to the eye       [olaf ]

And, though some could hear it strumming,       [Apsley ]

Some prefer to die       [olaf ]

Nerina keeps a herd of goldfish       [Apsley ]

As her backing-band       [olaf ]

And a demi-god-like mould-dish       [Apsley ]

Where applause is canned       [olaf ]

Those who do not rightly like her       [Apsley ]

Cannot much be blamed       [olaf ]

For their lack of hairy biker       [Apsley ]

Howsoever named       [olaf ]

Nerina Pallot® sings a rock-song       [Apsley ]

Underneath the sward       [olaf ]

And does not my crowing cock wrong       [Apsley ]

Merely leaves him bored       [olaf ]

In conclusion, pundits twenty,       [Apsley ]

(ears all filled with glue)       [olaf ]

Cease your whining and have plenty       [Apsley ]

Leaving me with 'Phew!'       [olaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, olaf.
Poem finished: 14th February 2007 by Apsley.