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A Futile Attempt on Parnassus

I meant it as an insult       [Roland ]

I meant to cause you pain       [TG ]

If sticks and stones can't break your bones       [Roland ]

I'll try the axe again       [TG ]

If stones and sticks can't flush you out       [Roland ]

I've other ways to make you shout       [Chevalier ]

I took it as a plaudit       [Roland ]

I thought you were my friend       [TG ]

If love and peace don't boil your grease       [loaf ]

To please I'll backwards bend       [TG ]

If peace and love don't shut you up       [Roland ]

I'll love you still, you gorgeous pup       [TG ]

I stole it as a keepsake       [Roland ]

I keep it next my heart       [TG ]

If sturm and drang don't beat your bang       [Roland ]

You have no ear for Art       [TG ]

If drang and sturm both leave you cold       [Roland ]

I'll have to try my luck with gold       [TG ]

I left it as a milestone       [loaf ]

I wanted you to know       [TG ]

When hue and cry shall pass you by       [Roland ]

The peace is next to go       [TG ]

If cry and hue can't flip your flop       [Roland ]

I'll try my trusty riding-crop       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Chevalier, loaf.
Poem finished: 15th January 2007 by Roland.