The Spoonbill Generator

Spurned To Glory

Let us now praise famous mounds       [Roland ]

Where all about one hears the sounds       [TG ]

Of Stone Age song;       [Roland ]

These rolling bumps, these precious swells       [TG ]

Wherein the buried warrior dwells       [Roland ]

Have lain here long       [TG ]

The probing drill, the roving scoop       [Roland ]

Exploring the primordial soup       [TG ]

Are home and dry       [Roland ]

The scattered earth, the fragile shards       [Chevalier ]

The inventoried filing-cards       [Roland ]

That taint the eye       [TG ]

Reduce them to a tourist trap       [Roland ]

(Albeit one that's off the map)       [TG ]

(And hard to find)       [loaf ]

So let us leave the gawping throng       [TG ]

Who, deaf to subterranean song,       [Roland ]

Must lag behind       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Chevalier, loaf.
Poem finished: 11th January 2007 by Surlaw.