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Cried The Idyll

Be not so blue, my dainty dove,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The time has come, at last, to steal way       [Helen Owly ]

Unto that place which only lovers know       [Chevalier ]

We'll hie there in my Chevrolet       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

No need for undue haste, we'll take it slow       [Chevalier ]

And you, not I, will pay       [F ]

Be not so sad, my sweetest chick,       [Chevalier ]

For I have come, at last. Are you not glad?       [F ]

We'll pass the livelong night in lovers' games       [Chevalier ]

It feels so good when we are bad       [F ]

No need for us to know each other's names       [Chevalier ]

As long as we're unclad       [F ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, Helen Owly, Chevalier, F.
Poem finished: 31st August 2006 by Chevalier.