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Our Score Was Enough For Zeke

I went to Zeke's to buy some paint       [Kansas Sam ]

But Zeke was not at home       [loaf ]

But his wife, Zoe, was welcoming       [F ]

A vile and vagrant gnome       [loaf ]

A fugitive of ill repute       [Chevalier ]

Who'd beat me with his bumbershoot       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And so I slew that dwarfish brute       [loaf ]

Ha, bumbershoot? Meet blunderbuss!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The midget's corpse was drilled       [loaf ]

With shot, while Zoe looked on aghast       [Chevalier ]

To see her lover killed       [loaf ]

I bade her calm, and asked for paint       [Chevalier ]

To daub upon the Patron Saint       [loaf ]

Of Archers--St. Sebastian's quaint       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

She cried that it was blasphemy       [Chevalier ]

And lit a votive, then       [F ]

Her Zeke came home, and all aglee       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Inscribed with a quill pen       [F ]

Three words that made uncommon sense       [Chevalier ]

A message that, though cryptic, dense       [F ]

Had implications quite immense ...       [Lou Beck ]

I staggered back, for it was clear       [Chevalier ]

That "Kilroy" Zeke himself "was here"       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, loaf, F, Chevalier, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Lou Beck.
Poem finished: 24th August 2006 by F.