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Night From Midnight

The Gates of Ivory and Horn       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Are long-since hammered shut       [loaf ]

The days when anyone could pass       [Chevalier ]

Are scarce remembered; but       [loaf ]

At dead of night, when all is still       [Chevalier ]

And mist beshrouds the moon       [loaf ]

Men hear the weeping whippoorwill       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The laughter of the loon       [F ]

And keening of the sundry hordes       [loaf ]

Of souls now lost to time       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Yet doomed, on an eternal wheel       [loaf ]

All serried and begrimed,       [Apsley ]

To make amends for all their sins       [Chevalier ]

Until the briny sands       [Apsley ]

Are swept away by mermaids' fins       [F ]

Into old Neptune's hands       [Apsley ]

give me your hand       [Anon. ]

And you'll understand       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, loaf, Chevalier, F, Apsley, Anon..
Poem finished: 23rd August 2006 by F.