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The Lesson Of Days Before Tuesday

There's a red house over yonder       [(trad) ]

That rents rooms by the hour       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And so I sometimes ponder       [loaf ]

As my undershorts I launder       [F ]

If it lies within my power       [loaf ]

My Susie to deflower       [Chevalier ]

There's a tattoo on her forehead       [loaf ]

That resembles a third eye       [F ]

And so, when things get torrid       [loaf ]

And my face gets moist and florid       [F ]

My Susie starts to cry       [loaf ]

And so, my friends, do I       [Chevalier ]

Her threefold lacrimations       [loaf ]

Would melt a heart of stone       [Chevalier ]

The whole United Nations       [loaf ]

Would suspend its castigations       [Kansas Sam ]

And then, as one, atone       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And they are not alone       [loaf ]

There's a red house over yonder       [(trad) ]

Between the green and blue       [loaf ]

Where men their wits do squander       [Apsley ]

And, on an anaconda       [Liar ]

(Who just has et Jane Fonda)       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

They feast - well, wouldn't you?       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: (trad), Kevin Andrew Murphy, loaf, F, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Liar.
Poem finished: 15th August 2006 by Liar.