The Spoonbill Generator

Never. Should We Windsurf

Don't forget to tie your shoes       [F ]

My nanny warned each morning.       [will h ]

But I ignored her warning       [Chevalier ]

Shoes have Velcro™ now, old bat!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

I tried to educate her       [Chevalier ]

And then had to placate her       [F ]

When I tripped and broke my arm       [Chevalier ]

She dosed me with hard liquor       [F ]

(But still I tried to kick her.)       [will h ]

She was cold, severe--and yet       [F ]

The neighbours' boy adored her       [Chevalier ]

Because my daddy whored her       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Don't forget to block your hat       [F ]

My haberdasher muttered.       [will h ]

It was "b-b-block." (He stuttered)       [F ]

No-one wears a hat these days       [Chevalier ]

Reported my food taster       [F ]

A consummate time-waster       [Chevalier ]

Baseballs caps are now the trend       [F ]

Or so my valet chided       [Kansas Sam ]

But I was undecided       [Chevalier ]

He was mad, unhinged--but then       [F ]

I caved to all his scolding       [Kansas Sam ]

Yet beat him with the molding       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Don't forget the Rule of Three       [Chevalier ]

The Trinity e-mailed me       [F ]

Their counsel naught availed me       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: F, will h, Chevalier, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 10th August 2006 by F.