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Ravioli Ramblings

Though Cecil balked at Puffy's plan       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

And Curly said, "Nyuk, nyuk!"       [F ]

The bourgeoisie of Kazakhstan       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Came seriously unstuck       [Chevalier ]

Though Puffy had, with Superglue,       [Kansas Sam ]

Adhered them once again       [F ]

The hapless wastrels never knew       [Chevalier ]

The power of the pin       [Kansas Sam ]

And so they might have left it there       [Chevalier ]

But no, they had to try       [F ]

To fashion garments spun from hair       [Chevalier ]

Which they would then tie-dye       [F ]

Reggie Perrin faked his death       [Nigel Sly ]

Off Lyme Regis, ho!       [Apsley ]

For twenty days he held his breath       [F ]

And then did let it go       [Apsley ]

Though Murray scoffed at Reggie's hoax       [F ]

He yearned for Reggie's wife       [Chevalier ]

And would guffaw at all her jokes       [F ]

As if for bitter life       [Apsley ]

But Emily, of sterner mind,       [Chevalier ]

Determined then and there       [F ]

To bite the tough and chewy rind       [Apsley ]

As though she did not care       [Chevalier ]

Then Reggie vomited with rage       [jeffmute ]

When Lois, undeterred,       [F ]

Displayed his photo in a cage       [Chevalier ]

With horrid verse, unmetered.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Arnold the Sly Ape, F, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, Nigel Sly, Apsley, jeffmute, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 29th July 2006 by F.