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Such Gravitas Is Wasted

Again, at the cathedral       [Albee ]

The jeweled bones of St. Adalbert       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Glistened with damp       [Apsley ]

The acolytes did cartwheels       [F ]

Cardinals twirled censers like watch chains       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And nuns were humped       [F ]

The Canon did the can-can       [Chevalier ]

Just imagine what the sexton did       [F ]

Lacking his lamp       [Aristotle ]

The organist played Hendrix       [Chevalier ]

The choir rasped blues a la Janis       [F ]

As the Jesuits jumped       [Chevalier ]

And so wisely remember       [jeffmute ]

If you turn your back on the altar       [Hillbeck ]

You'll suffer a cramp       [F ]

Contributors: Albee, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, F, Chevalier, Aristotle, jeffmute, Hillbeck.
Poem finished: 28th July 2006 by Chevalier.