The Spoonbill Generator

Drum Dazed

The hideous spectre of her purse       [Apsley ]

Made pack mules flee in abject fear       [Kansas Sam ]

And slay themselves; but what was worse       [loaf ]

The miniskirt upon her rear       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Made every paparazzo sneer       [loaf ]

This purse, we deem, was not unlike       [Apsley ]

A dozen drunken tars on leave       [Kansas Sam ]

Who take themselves off on a hike       [Apsley ]

With others' hearts upon each sleeve       [loaf ]

To make goths gay, but poets grieve       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

She'd found it in a small bazaar       [Chevalier ]

Between the lamps and baklava       [Kansas Sam ]

And bartered with a fine cigar       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

While singing "ob-la-di" and "-da"       [Kansas Sam ]

A-sitting on a gate       [Apsley/Carroll ]

The miniskirt was once a shroud       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

A cerement, a winding sheet       [a priori ]

For those who seemed too indiscreet       [Apsley ]

In disco dancing, dead but proud,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

A-dancing 'round a bag       [Apsley ]

Acursed purse and haunted skirt       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

That dogged my days till now       [Apsley ]

I'll let you no more do me hurt       [Chevalier ]

As I wear my inevitable hendrix shirt       [Nigel Sly ]

A-sitting on a gate       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Kansas Sam, loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Chevalier, Apsley/Carroll, a priori, Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 17th July 2006 by Albee.