The Spoonbill Generator

Beyond The Twelfth Night Service Desk

The faded lilies by the wall       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Cry softly in the dusk       [dkb ]

The corn transverse disdains their bawl       [Kansas Sam ]

As time disdains their husk       [loaf ]

The rutabagas do not weep       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Yet neither do they grin       [Kansas Sam ]

And though they moan in fitful sleep       [dkb ]

We will not let them in       [Apsley ]

The creeping zombie veg'tables       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

In clandestine repose       [loaf ]

Are nothing less than ex'crable       [Nym ]

In their undying throes.       [loaf ]

When necromancers make preserves       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Their turnips start to boil       [dkb ]

And bulbs who get their just deserves       [Kansas Sam ]

Disdain all further toil       [loaf ]

The mangel-wurzels crave fresh brains       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

(Their own have little use)       [Nym ]

And as each crop begets new strains       [Chevalier ]

Its zombies seek new juice       [Kansas Sam ]

The root cellar, that awful tomb,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

That home to monstrous spawn       [Chevalier ]

That festering leprous womb of doom       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Astride the sleeping lawn       [Helen Owly ]

Has oped its maw and now yawns forth       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

In search of lilly prey       [Kansas Sam ]

A red-limbed rhubarb, stalking north,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Is drawn into the fray       [Nym ]

The tiger lilies show their claws!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The foxglove crouches low       [Nym ]

And draconic snap-dragon jaws       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Entrap the hapless sloe       [Chevalier ]

Tomatoes bleed! Dead pumpkins pop!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

As mushrooms turn to mush       [Chevalier ]

There's mayhem in the lettuce crop       [Nym ]

The grapefruit's juices gush       [Chevalier ]

Till naught but ratatouille's left       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

As witness to the fray       [Chevalier ]

The watermelon's gooey cleft       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Would cause strong men to pray       [Reg ]

And pray they must; for, up above       [loaf ]

The palm trees aim their seed       [Kansas Sam ]

In spurts of unrequited love       [loaf ]

A date's what we all need.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, dkb, Kansas Sam, loaf, Apsley, Nym, Chevalier, Helen Owly, Reg.
Poem finished: 25th June 2006 by loaf.