The Spoonbill Generator

Grave Mayhem

An awful example of verse       [Nym ]

was once found inscribed on a hearse       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Like drivel it read       [Nym ]

To the quick and the dead       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"Could be worse / No...strike that, reverse"       [Kansas Sam ]

A shocking debasement of rhyme       [Nym ]

Tattooed on the ass of a mime       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Invited the readers       [Chevalier ]

To be bottom feeders       [will h ]

But they first had to insert a dime       [F ]

A horridly fusty old sonnet       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Pasted inside Bo Peep's bonnet       [F ]

Made Chichi Jack Horner       [Kansas Sam ]

(Did nobody warn her?)       [Chevalier ]

Start jacking his "plum juice" upon it.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

A poet used images coarse       [Kansas Sam ]

Which he then telegraphed us in Morse       [F ]

Filthy dashes and dits       [will h ]

Runic phalli and clits       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And unspeakable acts with a horse       [Nym ]

The Laureate Southey once said       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"I like to do couplets in bed"       [F ]

Yet alternate pairing       [Helen Owly ]

Which may seem quite daring       [F ]

Seems wholesome once rhyme words are wed       [Kansas Sam ]

King Tut had this writ on his tomb:       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"The bell tolls, but ask not for whom"       [Chevalier ]

That sneaky John Donne       [Nym ]

To a TARDIS has gone       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

It's more comfy than Paglia's womb       [F ]

Anne Coulter has been heard to say,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"When libs limerick me that makes my day"       [F ]

The concept of metre       [Chevalier ]

Did sadly defeat her       [Nym ]

But if it's good enough for Ogden, it works for me anyway       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Nym, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Kansas Sam, Chevalier, will h, F, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 22nd June 2006 by F.