The Spoonbill Generator

Occasionally He Thinks

Oh! So now you're telling me       [loaf ]

George Bush has reached his apogee       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

In choosing abject bonhommie       [Apsley ]

While preaching global war       [loaf ]

For, without his jealousy,       [Apsley ]

All history's a fallacy       [Chevalier ]

And when he isn't zealous, he       [loaf ]

Embraces total war       [Apsley ]

No! My claim is far more grave       [loaf ]

Than Bush could ever choose to crave       [Apsley ]

Unlike the way we all behave       [loaf ]

In internecine war       [Apsley ]

That sounds like Bush, blackhearted knave,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Who passion yokes to make a slave       [Apsley ]

Throughout the land you'll hear him rave       [Chevalier ]

"Just bring it on! It's war!"       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 20th June 2006 by Apsley.