The Spoonbill Generator

His Lucky Skull Has Perished

In his ochre jodhpurs       [(trad) ]

Frank Sinatra snored       [Apsley ]

Careless of admirers       [Surlaw ]

And the thing adored       [Apsley ]

Such were our researches       [Surlaw ]

In the month of May       [Apsley ]

Jumping over churches       [Surlaw ]

We would have our way       [Apsley ]

Jumping over hahas       [Surlaw ]

With the Peckham hunt       [Apsley ]

In their silk pyjamas       [Surlaw ]

From the silken runt       [Apsley ]

Such was my dilemma       [Surlaw ]

On the cusp that night       [Apsley ]

If I jilted Gemma       [Surlaw ]

Would I feel aright?       [Apsley ]

If I slept with Martha       [Surlaw ]

Pressed her, hard and coarse,       [Apsley ]

On the corpse of Arthur       [Surlaw ]

It would mean divorce       [Apsley ]

If I ravished Sarah       [Surlaw ]

On a bank of moss       [Apsley ]

Would her lantern-bearer       [Surlaw ]

Hold a weighty boss?       [Apsley ]

If I ruined Lucy       [Surlaw ]

And her lover Matt       [Apsley ]

Pressed them hard and juicy       [Surlaw ]

Who would care for that?       [Apsley ]

Should I shaft Diana       [Surlaw ]

With an upright spur       [Apsley ]

But in a gentle manner       [Surlaw ]

Would she still demur?       [Apsley ]

Should I lie with Chloe       [Surlaw ]

'Twixt her silken thighs       [Apsley ]

On her bosom showy       [Surlaw ]

Of enormous size?       [Apsley ]

By corrupting Fifi       [Surlaw ]

(Of delightful charms)       [Apsley ]

In some bower leafy       [Surlaw ]

Might she lose her arms?       [Apsley ]

By seducing Kitty       [Surlaw ]

In my modest way       [Apsley ]

All Saliva City       [Surlaw ]

Asks what is its pay       [Apsley ]

By molesting Margaux       [Surlaw ]

My pas become faux       [Apsley ]

Should I slide with Skimmer       [Surlaw ]

That disgusting rimmer?       [Apsley ]

Might I soil McLucas       [Surlaw ]

With a mass of mucus?       [Apsley ]

Shall I cope Verona       [Surlaw ]

And his huge corona?       [Apsley ]

Shall I twist Gibraltar       [Surlaw ]

On an iron psalter?       [Apsley ]

Lemme trail amoeba       [Surlaw ]

Make out I'm a diva       [Apsley ]

Shoorah mekkit Osbel       [Surlaw ]

Don't recite a Gospel       [Apsley ]

gwasa gwasa gwasa       [Surlaw ]

Said dear Mali's Mansa       [Apsley ]

schleswig ...       [Surlaw ]

Mit Hedwig?       [Apsley ]

spuntt       [Surlaw ]

o cunt       [Apsley ]

Contributors: (trad), Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 18th June 2006 by loaf.