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Lettuce For Sodomy

A beach-ball and a pancreas       [loaf ]

Delighted on the strand       [Apsley ]

The Devil laughed to see such ass       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

But could not understand       [loaf ]

Why Simony was out of vogue       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And Nepotism's mate       [Apsley ]

Gave voice in such a limpid brogue       [loaf ]

And vouchsafed for a date       [Apsley ]

Still Sodomy was all the rage       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Though catamites deplored       [F ]

To do the deed with smudging sage       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

(No matter how they'd whored!)       [Apsley ]

A magpie and a coffee cup       [Nym ]

Made bloodless war by chess       [Kansas Sam ]

Saint Peter sighed as this came up       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Again; and let's confess       [loaf ]

The sins of Dadaists are odd       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

When summoned in a trice       [Apsley ]

To gargle marzipan for God       [loaf ]

Then spit it up as lice       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Still Sodomy was all the rage       [Apsley ]

In Heaven as in Hell       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Just ask the soul of Satchel Paige       [asdf ]

And Harvey Milk as well.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

An aardvark and a raven's leg       [Apsley ]

Conspired to overthrow       [Nym ]

Saint Bernie and his brandy keg       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And locked them up below       [Chevalier ]

In caverns by the waterside       [L.C. ]

Where merry streamlets played       [Apsley ]

To drown them with the rising tide       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Of rancid lemonade       [loaf ]

Still Sodomy was all the rage       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

In Cannes as well as Rome       [Apsley ]

Where oft it graced the poet's page       [Kansas Sam ]

(But what a sticky tome.)       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, Nym, Kansas Sam, asdf, Chevalier, L.C..
Poem finished: 16th June 2006 by Kansas Sam.