The Spoonbill Generator

Dragon-tail Drunk

Going out again       [loaf ]

to market, to market, to St. Bartholomew Faire!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

I meet a solo hen       [Apsley ]

who as a trade had set to braid Lady Godiva's hair       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Into a sticky bun       [Apsley ]

Coming in again       [F ]

Cock Robin, Cock Robin, Cock is a-ruling the Roost!       [Apsley ]

I meet a thousand men       [Nym ]

Who, like Kevin, didn't understand metre       [dkb ]

but rhymed like John Skelton       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Passing by again       [Nym ]

Hoop-la ho, Hoop-la ho, Hoop for the rest of the Coop!       [Apsley ]

A bearded bard, with pen,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Did once extol the virtues of Campbell's vegetable soup       [Nym ]

On a tin drum       [Apsley ]

Proceeding home again       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

To lodging, to lodging, to the House in the Square!       [Apsley ]

Fair Barbie could not ken       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

That nowadays for ancient ways the young folk do not care       [Chevalier ]

For the life of a bum       [Apsley ]

Contributors: loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, F, Nym, dkb, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 16th June 2006 by Chevalier.