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Show Me How Verdi Murdered Houdini

his pendulum might make you sneeze       [Apsley ]

His handcuffs summon sweat       [loaf ]

to all who watch his act of sleaze       [Apsley ]

With reason to regret       [loaf ]

i dare you now to look away       [Kansas Sam ]

And hear the bodies groan       [loaf ]

The Pride Parade, where all are gay       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Save Genghis Khan alone       [loaf ]

But what would Mary Pickford do?       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Would she impel some passing shoe?       [Apsley ]

Her silent films are passing strange       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Her lust brooks no restraint       [loaf ]

For those who ride the open range       [Apsley ]

In search of purple paint       [loaf ]

With which, withal, to paint their hides       [Apsley ]

Disguise their weeping sores       [loaf ]

Will drown themselves in laughing tides       [asdf ]

And shoals of mermaid whores       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

But how would Genghis Khan respond?       [loaf ]

Go skinnydipping in that pond!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And thus, to Edgar Allan Poe       [loaf ]

A question, newly posed       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Upon the matter of his toe:       [Apsley ]

(This question now is closed)       [loaf ]

Of how it came to be so blue       [Apsley ]

When all the light was gone       [loaf ]

The sun eclipsed by Pickford's shoe       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The raven by the swan       [loaf ]

But how does this relate to Cher?       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

It can't be just the pubic hair ...       [loaf ]

She sang to Sonny, "Got You, Babe."       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And he it eek to her       [Apsley ]

Then slew him with an astrolabe       [loaf ]

Because, we must concur,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

It was his fair and fitting fate       [Nym ]

As owner of a grating voice       [Apsley ]

To flop as lead in "Kiss Me Kate"       [asdf ]

And so disarm poor Jimmy Joyce       [Apsley ]

But how can we recalibrate?       [Nym ]

Can't Dotty Parker get a date?       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Kansas Sam, Kevin Andrew Murphy, asdf, Nym.
Poem finished: 15th June 2006 by loaf.