The Spoonbill Generator

Complicated Whimper

When cloning pigs or kangaroos       [F ]

Be careful not to mix them up       [Nym ]

The same for birds and cockapoos       [F ]

'Cause who could love a flying pup?       [Kansas Sam ]

A cow that baas, a sheep that moos       [F ]

Might also voice its angst with boos       [Kansas Sam ]

When frying lint or navel fluff       [Chevalier ]

Be careful not to let them burn       [Nym ]

The same for all that other stuff       [F ]

'Cause who could know just when to turn?       [Chevalier ]

When lightly scorched and smoked enough       [will h ]

It goes quite well with pastry (puff).       [Nym ]

When pickling tea or lemonade       [Kansas Sam ]

Be careful not to over-salt       [Nym ]

The same for everything that's made       [Chevalier ]

'Cause who could mar such true gestalt?       [Helen Owly ]

A sprig of dill, a spritz of Raid       [F ]

Shall make you king of all surveyed       [Kansas Sam ]

When planning regicide or tea       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Be careful not to overkill       [F ]

Both tasks require subtlety       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

'Cause who could foot the damage bill?       [Nym ]

When fleeing, squeal your Grand Marquis       [Kansas Sam ]

For no one likes a Regency.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: F, Nym, Kansas Sam, Chevalier, will h, Helen Owly, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 14th June 2006 by F.