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Testimonial Of Unrest

A song for hake, an anthem, ho!       [Apsley ]

Said Tess to Tim O'Neill       [loaf ]

As she did bend her head down low       [Apsley ]

To kiss her brother's heel       [loaf ]

A hymn for me, a psalm for you       [Chevalier ]

Sad Joe to Billy Bob       [Helen Owly ]

As mountains towered into view       [Apsley ]

And vales began to throb       [loaf ]

And so, in honour of this theme,       [Apsley ]

(as told to Rick O'Shea)       [loaf ]

Said Tess to Messrs. Daniels, Beam       [Kansas Sam ]

Let Teachers have their way       [loaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Chevalier, Helen Owly, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 11th June 2006 by Apsley.