The Spoonbill Generator

The Thursday Matinee

No lack of contentious divisions       [loaf ]

Will bring this new law to a vote:       [dkb ]

No want of agreement, no schisms       [loaf ]

Shall keep it from getting afloat       [Chevalier ]

The adventitious provision       [Apsley ]

Imposing a surcharge on dust       [Kansas Sam ]

Commands a quiescent position       [loaf ]

In thrall to the leaders we trust.       [dkb ]

But ... what about cobwebs? Such taxes       [loaf ]

As fine as a gossamer thread       [dkb ]

That cannot be severed with axes       [loaf ]

Might yet bring dissent to a head       [dkb ]

So spiders, protest! Send your FAXes       [loaf ]

And emails--you know they'll be read       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And soon they'll be minding their backses       [loaf ]

In the dust-strewn political bed.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Envoi       [loaf ]

Though Franklin thought taxes as certain as death       [Kansas Sam ]

Free dust and free cobwebs are vital as breath.       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, dkb, Chevalier, Apsley, Kansas Sam, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 9th June 2006 by Chevalier.