The Spoonbill Generator

Hereinafter Hake

To view the ocean from a cliff       [loaf ]

It's best to use a hake       [Kansas Sam ]

It helps to lure the albatross       [Nym ]

The humble kittiwake       [loaf ]

And sundry other dross       [Apsley ]

Impale the creature on your quiff       [loaf ]

And comb it with a hake       [Apsley ]

It helps release the parasites       [Nym ]

From coelacanth or snake       [loaf ]

To yield some tasty bites       [Kansas Sam ]

And when the vista starts to pall       [loaf ]

Then view it through a hake       [Apsley ]

It helps anęsthetise the scars       [loaf ]

Inflicted by the lake       [Apsley ]

That once polluted Mars       [loaf ]

And, as the Martians throng their ball,       [Apsley ]

Do offer them some hake       [Nym ]

It helps blot out the winter night       [loaf ]

And make a buoyant cake       [Apsley ]

Defying appetite       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, Kansas Sam, Nym, Apsley.
Poem finished: 8th June 2006 by Apsley.