The Spoonbill Generator

Simulacra Of The Smaller Variety Found In Brighton

When they talk about Eau de Cologne       [loaf ]

both jasmine and rose are sublime       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

But one scent is out on its own       [loaf ]

The odour of mango and lime       [Apsley ]

The markets of Mexico City       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The harbours of old Amsterdam®       [Apsley ]

Can scarcely compare (more's the pity!)       [loaf ]

unless you compare them to SPAM....       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

When we sing of the son of the soil       [Juan of the Pines ]

The gravediggers rise in alarm       [loaf ]

For nobody knows how they toil       [Juan of the Pines ]

Or what could do them more harm -       [Apsley ]

The fleshpots of latter-day Cairo       [loaf ]

The mountains of brave Samarkand       [Apsley ]

An intimate tryst with a Biro       [loaf ]

Can skillfully scribe "ampersand"       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

When your whisper drifts by on the air       [dkb ]

I cover mine ears in distress       [loaf ]

You shouldn't assume that that I care       [dkb ]

Nor yet that I couldn't care less.       [loaf ]

The wildlife of far Venezuela       [dkb ]

The shell of a drowned submarine       [loaf ]

Will not bend the will of a sailor       [Juan of the Pines ]

However romantic the scene.       [dkb ]

Contributors: loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, Juan of the Pines, dkb.
Poem finished: 31st May 2006 by loaf.