The Spoonbill Generator

What Loving Euthanasia

Clunk! Whrrrrrrr. Zzzzng.       [Nym ]

the automated cockatrice       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

slowly explodes       [dkb ]

And are not we, too, in some sense       [loaf ]

a ratcheting, whirring, clockwork contrivance       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

in languid explosion?       [dkb ]

I'd say not       [loaf ]

Into my beard of automatic writing, but       [Apsley ]

Live and let live, eh?       [loaf ]

Clunk! Whrrrrrrr. Zzzzng.       [Nym ]

As the armadillo waltzes       [Apsley ]

Senescence looms       [loaf ]

Fie on the lazy watchmaker!       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

His concupiscence       [Apsley ]

Rivals The Handmaid's Tale       [loaf ]

Or was it The Mermaid's Tail?       [dkb ]

It was on the tip of my tongue       [loaf ]

like sushi       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Nym, Kevin Andrew Murphy, dkb, loaf, Apsley.
Poem finished: 25th May 2006 by loaf.