The Spoonbill Generator

Mute Soup And Memory Faded

I met a man whose nose extended       [Nym ]

Halfway to the moon       [F ]

He'd always hoped to get it mended       [Nym ]

And its future growth suspended       [F ]

But always it was "one day, soon".       [Nym ]

I met a girl whose ear was bitten       [F ]

Half off by her cat       [Nym ]

Who, truth be told, was somewhat smitten       [F ]

With Sir Lloyd-Webber, since he'd written       [will h ]

Those "Cats" songs that she meows in scat       [F ]

I met a tyke whose trike rear-ended       [Kansas Sam ]

Bang! into a tank       [Nym ]

Its Howitzer seemed quite offended       [Kansas Sam ]

The outcome was quite unintended       [Chevalier ]

Mom knew not which rig to thank       [Kansas Sam ]

I met a wonk whose book was written       [F ]

Half in Old Chinese       [Chevalier ]

It was a bio of his kitten       [F ]

Which inspired a famous sit-in       [will h ]

Where oft was heard "Some more wine, please"       [Nym ]

Contributors: Nym, F, will h, Kansas Sam, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 24th May 2006 by F.