The Spoonbill Generator

Into The Vegetable

A carrot lay upon the bank       [Apsley ]

Upon the other was a hare       [Nym ]

Both of them, I noticed, stank       [F ]

Of something sweet and almost rare       [Apsley ]

And as I dawdled, musing there,       [dkb ]

A broken kayak, moist and dank       [loaf ]

From lacking an integral plank,       [Apsley ]

Sank       [asdf ]

As overhead a helicopt-       [dkb ]

Did its best to view the hare       [Apsley ]

I saw, forthwith, the hare get chopped       [Kansas Sam ]

And smelt a fragrance on the air:       [Apsley ]

'Twas delicate beyond compare       [Chevalier ]

the way the bunny's eyes got popped       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Then suddenly the rotors stopped       [Chevalier ]

dropped       [Hugh Woods Fardels-B ]

sank like a stone into the Seine       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Whilst fragments of the churned-up hare       [Apsley ]

like pomme frittes a la julienne       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Made pleasant odours, then and there,       [Apsley ]

Parisians have such savoir faire       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And rarely think to cross la rue       [Apsley ]

Oooh!       [dkb ]

Envoi:       [Apsley ]

Hail to the Prince of Hassenpfeffer       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

For loving salt, whatever the weather       [Apsley ]

And being so fantastically clever       [loaf ]

Contributors: Apsley, Nym, F, dkb, loaf, asdf, Kansas Sam, Chevalier, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Hugh Woods Fardels-B.
Poem finished: 23rd May 2006 by Nym.