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Jabberwocky, The Lyrics

Be wary of the snigglewats       [F ]

And never meet their gaze       [Chevalier ]

Ignore their ev'ry niggle (lots...)       [Kansas Sam ]

And find the line that pays       [Chevalier ]

'Cause when they leak their strategy       [Helen Owly ]

As one day soon they will       [Chevalier ]

Your weight, when measured at a g       [Kansas Sam ]

Will be a bitter pill       [Chevalier ]

Shun, indeed, the pommerjaw       [Nym ]

And never tweak its nose       [F ]

Unless you have a bomb (or more...)       [Chevalier ]

With which to blow up foes       [F ]

As when it sniffs your redolence       [Nym ]

Prepare to fight or flee       [F ]

And molt the stench of meddle-ence       [Kansas Sam ]

Or you'll end up like me       [Chevalier ]

       [Nym ]

Contributors: F, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, Helen Owly, Nym.
Poem finished: 22nd May 2006 by Nym.