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Cliches But No Answer

If brevity's the soul of wit,       [Nym ]

The afterlife, I guess       [loaf ]

Must be rather humorless       [F ]

Consigned to nether pit       [Chevalier ]

Without an authoress       [Apsley ]

Without respite, however long       [loaf ]

The afterlife must be,       [Apsley ]

It's surely plain to see       [loaf ]

The energies are strong       [Apsley ]

So watch don't graze your knee.       [Nigel Sly ]

If scabs occur, use iodine       [loaf ]

Twice filrede through a sieve       [Apsley ]

Apply it only once, for if       [Nym ]

Your skin is pink, or green       [loaf ]

You've not got long to live       [Nym ]

Spirited words in closing:       [Apsley ]

When wounds are found, destroy the knife       [loaf ]

That stunts the sempiternal strife       [Apsley ]

Twixt Mammon and his brother's wife       [loaf ]

Contributors: Nym, loaf, F, Chevalier, Apsley, Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 15th May 2006 by Apsley.