The Spoonbill Generator

Yes, Cheese Is Edible

I'm glad to see your back       [Roland ]

When welded to your front       [Apsley ]

The sagging and the slack       [Roland ]

Pudenda known as cunt       [Apsley ]

I'm glad to see you're back       [loaf ]

To front and inside out       [Nym ]

The crystals and the crack       [loaf ]

That trickle from your snout       [Apsley ]

I'm glad to cut your throat.       [Nigel Sly ]

I long to singe your nape       [loaf ]

Emerging from your coat       [Apsley ]

From which there's no escape       [loaf ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, loaf, Nym, Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 15th May 2006 by Nym.