The Spoonbill Generator

Love For A Piglet

Nobody comes, nobody goes       [loaf ]

We all sit around in our suits       [ethetran ]

Some on their heads, some on their toes       [loaf ]

Picking the best of the fruits       [Chevalier ]

Plucking the vine, culling the rose       [loaf ]

Nobody sings, nobody sighs       [p ]

We all slouch around looking bored       [Chevalier ]

Some shut their ears, some shut their eyes       [loaf ]

the rest --- wait in Line --- for Reprise       [efe/\/\era ]

By simple conventions o'er-awed       [loaf ]

Somebody hums, somebody snores       [Chevalier ]

We stuff both our earholes with wax       [loaf ]

No open windows, no open doors       [Nym ]

Silence in several shacks       [loaf ]

A moment of peace, between wars       [Nym ]

Somebody leaves, somebody joins       [Chevalier ]

Yet all stays exactly the same       [loaf ]

No silver bullets, no silver coins       [Nym ]

the rest --- when they Can --- gird their Loins       [loaf ]

Lest pith gives rise to pause the unbound interval.       [efe/\/\era ]

Contributors: loaf, ethetran, Chevalier, p, efe//era, Nym.
Poem finished: 10th May 2006 by Nym.