The Spoonbill Generator


Take a pinch of mustard-seed       [Apsley ]

Sow it in your groin       [loaf ]

Mix with half a quart of cream       [Chevalier ]

A pound of tenderloin       [loaf ]

And you will make that bastard heed       [Apsley ]

The trappings of his dream       [loaf ]

Incantations in the night       [Apsley ]

Shall not drown our song       [Chevalier ]

Shan't impede the menopause       [loaf ]

We've waited for so long       [Chevalier ]

As crimson yields its place to white       [loaf ]

And right returns to wromg       [Chevalier ]

Certain overweening laws       [loaf ]

Drown us in our youth       [Apsley ]

Those that give that bastard cause       [loaf ]

To extract a tooth       [Apsley ]

Send us, crawling on all fours       [loaf ]

To find a pregnant pause       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 18th April 2006 by loaf.