The Spoonbill Generator

Powers That Remain Potent

A night of perfect chaos       [TG ]

As forty years unpeel       [Roland ]

Is that the same equipment?       [TG ]

It cannot all be real       [Roland ]

A couple of new faces       [TG ]

And locks all sparse, or gray       [Roland ]

But still each fan's pulse quickens       [TG ]

And voices shout 'Hooray!'       [Roland ]

New voices mouth the lyrics       [TG ]

Strange fingers find the chords       [Roland ]

They must do that one, surely       [TG ]

To please the baying hordes       [Roland ]

It's just as we'd remembered       [TG ]

Imagined and foreseen       [Roland ]

Old mem'ries reawakened       [TG ]

As by a time-machine       [Roland ]

Contributors: TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 4th April 2006 by TG.