The Spoonbill Generator

Wallpaper For Beavers

I found your umbrella       [Apsley ]

Not high in a tree       [loaf ]

But under a rock       [F ]

Where the earwigs should be       [loaf ]

With a heck of a fella       [Apsley ]

In leather and chrome       [[RT] ]

Who toyed with a clock       [Chevalier ]

Who dined in a dome       [loaf ]

Where hymns a capella       [P ]

Rebound from the walls       [Chevalier ]

While the vanishing flock       [loaf ]

Just doze in the stalls       [P ]

Unlike Uri Geller       [loaf ]

Who sings down the phone       [P ]

Without taking stock       [loaf ]

Of the earwigs now flown       [Kansas Sam ]

To join Barbarella       [loaf ]

In sipping light ale       [Chevalier ]

From a waterproof sock       [loaf ]

In one heckuva gale       [Apsley ]

Until Helen Keller       [loaf ]

Turns scarlet with rage       [Chevalier ]

(it's so easy to mock)       [loaf ]

And storms off the stage       [Chevalier ]

Like Brando post "Stella!"       [Kansas Sam ]

All flaccid and fat       [loaf ]

With his eyes on the clock       [Apsley ]

To proclaim: "That is that!"       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, F, [RT], Chevalier, P, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 25th March 2006 by loaf.