The Spoonbill Generator

All The Benighted Croutons

When choosing the proper wine       [F ]

Be sure that another is paying       [Chevalier ]

Be bold when crossing the line       [F ]

Between Zinning and Chardonnaying.       [will h ]

Laugh when they say you're a leech       [F ]

But don't put your hand in your pocket       [Chevalier ]

Your grasp should exceed your reach       [F ]

And, if you find happiness, hock it       [Chevalier ]

When choosing the proper wife       [F ]

Be sure that her papa is loaded       [Chevalier ]

How comfy, the freeloader's life!       [F ]

Unless that your freedom's eroded       [Chevalier ]

'Spin' when they ask what you do       [F ]

But don't tergiversate all day       [Chevalier ]

Otherwise they'll have a clue       [F ]

To trust not a word that you say       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: F, Chevalier, will h.
Poem finished: 20th March 2006 by F.