The Spoonbill Generator

Homeward Boundary

We flee the sun, and head back to the gray       [TG ]

Beleaguered shores       [Roland ]

Where weak Apollo hides himself away       [TG ]

And 'er indoors       [Roland ]

Bemoans the English winter yet again       [TG ]

The leaden skies, the pale horizon's cast       [Roland ]

Depress our souls       [TG ]

And pale Selene's salad days are past       [Roland ]

And Circe's goals       [TG ]

Impress a dank foreboding on the brain       [Roland ]

We flee the sun, and hide within the cave       [P ]

Our fathers knew       [TG ]

Until there are too many souls to save       [Roland ]

(Though we're still few)       [P ]

We shan't endure the silence of the rain       [Roland ]

We burrow deep, and tunnel through the rock       [P ]

Toward the sun       [Roland ]

The annual unwinding of the clock       [TG ]

Lures everyone       [Roland ]

Into a life of feebleness and pain       [TG ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

Beyond the stars beneath the earth       [P ]

Each corpse renews its hope of birth.       [Roland ]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 15th March 2006 by P.